You Need to Wait Longer for Overwatch 2

What do you get when you create a medley of hero-based competitive gaming; high-octane first-person shooter action; dopamine inducing ultimates; memes galore? You get Overwatch. The game centers around team action, where players select a character that fills a role they consider themselves good at.

The announcement of Overwatch 2 both excited and confused fans of the amazing Blizzard shooter. Aside from some gameplay enhancements, new arenas and heroes, we are not too sure on what else Overwatch 2 really entails. I say confusion because the game seemed like an updatable service model where enhancements could just be added to the core game. The only reasoning I can think of right now is the inclusion of campaign missions. Regardless, the core of Overwatch will still most likely be multiplayer.

Even with a dash of confusion, gamers are excited to get their hands on Overwatch 2. Sadly, news from an Activision investor’s call suggests this may be some time away. Information from the call states the game will not release in 2021.

In closing, Overwatch is addicting, fantastic, and fine on its own. I do not believe gamers are pulling their hair out at the idea that Overwatch 2 will not be out this year. There is so much to enjoy with the original, that until more news comes as to why Overwatch 2 will be a needed upgrade, most will just brush this off.

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