Highlighted Streamer Spot

With a wide range of options to earn "Honor" you can claim benefits with Honor to market yourself in very exciting ways. There is no paid way, you have to earn every amount of "Honor" to market your channel in the way that fits you best. One of the exciting marketing opportunities we offer is to cash in your honor for front page notoriety on our homepage for an hour. You’ll gain a special Discord role for the timeframe as well, as a badge of service & fortitude. Speaking of honor, don’t forget that, next to a special "community shoutout in Discord", you also have "Honor Bombs" that go off in your streams making it a fun way to stream and share with active members (we don't support lurkers).

Streamer of the week Spot

Another option to spend your hard earned "Honor" is to claim "Streamer of the Week". It promotes you on our homepage, gets you a special role in our Discord and provides you with the Honor Bombs benefits too. Engaging members who are Elite get the chance to get honor bombs dropped on them in your chat, making it a fun way to interact with your community members. This is all engagement based, but we took measures on spamming and we don't support lurkers with it. As you take this role for a whole week the bombs are lowered per drop.






Learn and grow as a streamer with out masterclasses, in-depth youtube series, creator talk on Discord, articles and events.


We offer sponsors, affiliate deals and much more to our Elite members.


We offer a wide range of fun games and activities to network and grow together.


As an Elite member, you will have the option of earning achievements & honor via quests. These quests center around the community and benefits & supports your Elite community or the members. We offer 2 daily quests, 3 weekly quests and 4 monthly quests. The quests get harder the longer you have, but the rewards are also bigger.

Be part of the elite community of streamers



We offer 3 types of challenges:
  • Elite Challenges; these are challenges done by the staff team of the Elite Community. It can be community based, promotional for the community or something with potential sponsors. When you do a challenge make sure to get all the Honor rewards that is connected to this feature.
  • Community Challenges; challenge your Elite community members towards any TOS approved challenge you can think of. 12 hours stream? Suit up? Wrong arm to aim with? You upload and challenge everybody. It's first come, first served. So, if you think you can do a challenge, make sure to get all the honor rewards that are connected to this feature.
  • Personal Challenges; you have someone in mind? Someone you know that you can push to become better? Bring more content? You can maybe even troll a bit? Challenge that member and reward them for taking the stage and do the task.


We are all gamers, we all want to win, ey? Well it's why we have the leaderboards! Beat your friends on different topics, see what your progress is and who knows? Might be nice to meet your fellow team mates and challenge them to earn a total of xxx? Who knows we just dropping ideas...